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Completely fill out all the fields in the form. The application evaluation committee will evaluate the applications and the candidates who are evaluated positively will be invited to our office with an appointment for an interview or an appointment time will be determined for the interview via Zoom.

Open positions

Call Center (Customer Representative)


Your duties will include:

Information about our products and services

Customer support related to the relevant project

You do not need to have any experience in the software industry, you will learn everything you need to know with us. But what matters to us is:


Mr. and Mrs

Good diction ability so you can talk on the phone

Availability to work from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

Having a secure computer and the ability to surf the Internet.

If you have a quiet workspace at home and a private internet connection, we are open to apply for this position.

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Sizde ekibimizin bir parçası olmak, kariyer basamaklarını hızla tırmanmak ister misin? Cevabın evet ise hemen formu doldur CV'ni bizimle paylaş.

1500 +

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1500 +

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