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Web Design

Karya Stone

Karya Stone, which has a share in showing hundreds of structures with fingers, thanks to its natural and aesthetic appearance with its off-white stones; With its works that give an aesthetic texture to stone, it continues to respond in the best way to domestic and foreign demands.   We designed and coded the Karyastone corporate website with the inspiration we got from its stones.

dondur-dunya-beni Karya Stone
dondur-beni Tiger Lojstik

Tiger Lojstik

Lia Fruit inc

Lia Fruit Ldt., which exports high quality products produced for a healthy life to the whole world without losing their freshness. Lt. The corporate website design and coding has been carefully prepared in accordance with the corporate identity of the company.

dondur-dunya-beni Lia Fruit inc
dondur-beni Ortakoy Maritime

Ortakoy Maritime

Ortaköy Marine corporate website, which was established by 4 officers in order to complete the deficiencies in the sector and ensure the continuity of the developments, was prepared in our kitchen.

Ece Diamond

Ece Pırlanta corporate website, which supports dozens of diamond and jewelery producing companies in Asia and Europe with design and production, was carefully prepared by the OVARSA team.

dondur-dunya-beni Ece Diamond
dondur-beni HERA CLINIC


HERE HEALTH CLINIC corporate website, which has become one of the leading destinations of health tourism in Turkey in recent years with its quality health services, experienced health professionals and affordable costs. designed and coded in accordance with the corporate color.

F Cihaner Web Design

I love sports and I'm a Triathlete! Saying that I am ready to do everything I can to help people adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle, F. Cihaner's personal website was prepared in the kitchen of OVARSA.

dondur-dunya-beni F Cihaner Web Design
dondur-beni Sentia


America Senita Silicon received corporate web design service from OVARSA.

Norm Concept

Norm Concept is a North America-based design-focused contract furniture distributor. After ten years of experience, he worked with OVARSA for the corporate website that raised the firoy in the US market while aiming to provide the US design industry with a variety of high quality furniture.

dondur-dunya-beni Norm Concept
dondur-beni Bioex A.Ş.

Bioex A.Ş.

Bioex presented its renewed website with OVARSA, the best web design company, to its customers.

Ubitech Tecnology

While meeting the needs of companies, taking your business one step further with innovative solutions and the latest technology, Ubitech, which offers new, dynamic, rational, progressive solutions, preferred OVARSA for its corporate website.

dondur-dunya-beni Ubitech Tecnology
dondur-beni Foucher


Foucher A.Ş. Foucher A.Ş. was established in Istanbul in 2022 and its main field of activity is to support domestic and foreign international maritime transport companies with STS operations.    Foucher preferred OVARSA for its Corporate Website.   

Lima Clinics

The corporate website of Lima Clinic, which performs hair transplantation with stem cell therapy for the first time in Turkey under the management of Professor Doctor Haşmet Mesut Özsoy, was carefully prepared with OVARSA team.

dondur-dunya-beni Lima Clinics
dondur-beni Renopsis


Founded in 2018 in Aydın ADÜ Teknokent, our company operates in the production of microorganisms and enzymes industrially in the bio technology sector. We have prepared the corporate website as multilingual.

Butik Akvaryum Otelen

The corporate website of Boutique Aquarium Hotel, which serves in the most popular touristic area of Izmir with its own pier and blue flagged bay, has been blended with the blue and brown of Karaburu.

dondur-dunya-beni Butik Akvaryum Otelen
dondur-beni Arslan Building Systems

Arslan Building Systems

Arslan Building Systems website, which provides winter garden and folding glass services to its customers in Istanbul, was designed and coded in accordance with its corporate identity.

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